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Gloria Almanza Cancio Mas

Gloria Almanza Cancio Mas | 1920 - 1998

I have always believed that one should celebrate death, not as an end, but as a precious gift that continues to give, especially for those that have had the fortune of living a good long life.

My Mom was just as special to me, as I am sure yours is to you.
If for any reason your mom was not perfect, know that each mom brings something special to the world and no matter what her limits may be, she bought you in to this world and that accomplishment within itself, is something to just be grateful for.

I was truly fortunate. I had a mom who was love. She was to love to many, many people.
She was a woman of great strength and high moral values and not the kind that ever looked down on others to judge them.
She had great compassion, deep understanding of human frailty, a forgiving heart, and most of all immovable faith.

She spent her life pushing her own boundaries and never seized to surprise me.
I am not talking about grand stand acts of feminism, she was just ahead of her time and it reflected in her thinking about whom she was and what she was meant for. She married when she decided, had children when she was ready and it all came much later than was accepted from a “Cuban Girl (women) de el campo (the Sticks)”, she was just a women that was never going to be forced to fit a norm and was never afraid to live, learn, fail and rebuild. She was a women that created and broke molds, always expanding upon her self.

She made me … not just gave me life. She made me with simple act of loving me and believing in me.
Always supporting, never limiting, even though I am most positive, I was one of her greatest challenges, after all, how do you tame a boy with big dreams??? She did not try .. she always showed me the two sides to every coin, allowed me to choose (I did not always chose wisely), and then never stopped loving me!

I am joyful and eternally grateful that I had the fortune of giving back to her all she gave me, by being her caretaker, her only source of sustain her as her life slowly slipped away for many years. Being robbed of memories and her dignity, after sharing a life of love, is sadder the I can express. In that way, I praise God; for forgetting, is the only benefit to a life continued without rhyme or reason.

If you have experienced what I have experienced and been fortunate to have the gift of an aging parent …. Look up! Never look down and know that on that day, when all the pain and joy comes to a conclusion …. your heart will know no greater love and the gifts have just begun to reap in its rewards.
Be grateful for the blessing of unconditional love and always know that a mothers love is the love of God reflected in your heart. It boundless and vast and will never ever leave your side.